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King's Chapel Life Groups are the life blood of our church. We firmly believe that the Christian life is life together. We have Life Groups for everyone, look below for more information on where to get plugged in!

Family Life Groups


Family Life Group - Branson

Time: Sundays 6 PM

Hosts/Leaders: Pastors Chris and Melissa Davis


Family Life Group - Hollister

Time: Sundays 6 PM

Hosts: Glenna Wilson & Cassandra Moore

Leaders: Susie King and Lynette Abrahamson


Men's Groups


Men’s Life Group

Time: Saturdays 7:30 AM

Host: Bob Evan’s Restaurant, Branson

Leaders: David Birchard and Tim Hess


Celebrate Recovery Groups


Celebrate Recovery Step Studies - Women

Time: Mondays 4:30 PM

Host/Leader: Minister Barbara Stewart


Celebrate Recovery Step Studies - Men

Time: Thursdays 5 PM

Host/Leader: Minister Scott Stewart



Kids and Young Adults

Kid’s Life Group

Time: Wednesdays 7 PM

Host: Viva Church, Branson

Leaders: James Reynolds, Priscilla Pastrana, Wehi Agawa


Young Adults Life Group (18-30)

Time: Thursdays 7 PM

Host: James Reynolds

Leaders: James Reynolds and Mollie Olson

Young Married Couples (18-30)

Time: Fridays 7 PM

Hosts: Kyle and Zoe Johnson

Leaders: Trey and Angel Nichols

Women's Groups


Women’s Life Group

Time: Wednesdays 10 AM

& Saturdays 10:30 AM

Host/Leader: Pastor Melissa Davis


Women’s Life Group

Time: Saturdays 10:30 AM

Host/Leader: Pastor Melissa Davis


Mom's Life Group

Time: Tuesdays 7 PM

Host/Leader: Pastor Melissa Davis



Other Groups


Shepherd of the Hills Home Life Group

Time: Saturdays 9:30 AM

Leader: Mamo McCallum


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