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Our small group bible studies, called Life Groups, meet during the week in a variety of local areas. Check out the schedule below and come be a part! 

Family Life Groups

Family Life Group - Branson

Time: Sundays 6 PM

Hosts/Leaders: Pastors Chris and Melissa Davis


Family Life Group - Hollister

Time: Sundays 6 PM

Hosts: Glenna Wilson & Cassandra Moore

Leaders: Susie King and Lynette Abrahamson


Men's Groups

Men’s Life Group

Time: Saturdays 7:30 AM

Host: Bob Evan’s Restaurant, Branson

Leaders: David Birchard and Tim Hess


Celebrate Recovery Groups

Celebrate Recovery Step Studies - Women

Time: Mondays 4:30 PM

Host/Leader: Minister Barbara Stewart


Celebrate Recovery Step Studies - Men

Time: Thursdays 5 PM

Host/Leader: Minister Scott Stewart

Kids and Young Adults

Kid’s Life Group

Time: Wednesdays 7 PM

Host: Viva Church, Branson

Leaders: James Reynolds, Priscilla Pastrana, Wehi Agawa


Young Adults Life Group (18-30)

Time: Thursdays 7 PM

Hosts: Mollie Olson

Leaders: James Reynolds and Mollie Olson

Women's Groups

Women’s Life Group

Times: Wednesdays 10 AM, Saturdays 10:30 AM

Host/Leader: Pastor Melissa Davis


Other Groups

Shepherd of the Hills Home Life Group

Time: Saturdays 9:30 AM

Leader: Mamo McCallum


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